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A dancer, eminent teacher, and choreographer, Sanchaita Munshi (Saha), M.A in Odissi dance from Rabindra Bharati University bring an enlightened mind, cultured taste, refinement and grace to bear on her dance technique at a surprisingly young age.

Her association with dance was inherited from Shree Bidyut Saha (uncle), who was the disciple of the exponent of dance. Guru Smt. Dr. Mohuua Mukherjee. She has been received her initial training from her uncle. Then she undertook advance to study at Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Acharya Smt. Anusuya Ghosh Banerjee and Odissi training from Smt Kakoli Bose. She furthered her holistic training in classical dance and music. To this strong foundation, she has harnessed an intellectual quest esthetic sensibility and spiritual depth which makes her performance scale great creative heights. Excelling in both facets of dance Nritta and Abhinaya, her performances are marked as natural and Joyous.

She has performed on Doordarshan National at Delhi on 2003, Doordarshan Bangla (Kolkata ) on ‘2004, alongside her Gurus in Delhi festivals, ALL BHARATANATYAM Asociation of India (Chennai on 2009), Shalmohul Nrityatsav (Jhargram), Udaysankar Nrityotsav at Kolkata on 2006 and 2013. Performed with her Grand Guru Padmashree Smt. Chitra Viswesran in her marvelous Production “Nirantarha” at Chennai and Kolkata on 2008. Some of her highly successful and critically acclaimed choreographic include Maa, Nava Rupe Rabi Kaji, Kaal Mrigaya, Valmiki Pratibha, Aagun, Nava Ra ski Aadhar pe Meera Bai. Maatir Sure Berai Ghure, Katha Manavi, Immortal Love of Radha Krishna, etc.

She has received a scholarship and recognitions like the National scholarships ‘2005’ from Govt. of India, Best Disciple’s ’05’ she has received senior Diploma award in ’99’ from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, National Nritya Shiromani Award 2014 from Cuttack Mahatsob, Odissi.

She is neither restricted nor hesitant in imparting every bit at her knowledge to her willing and aspiring students. With her finesse, she is equally competent in realizing and revealing the talent, potential, and individuality at each of her students, who always find in her a most generous, helping, sensitive and caring guardian.

Received Guru Samman from International Music and Dance Festival at Thailand.

Received Nritya Vibhusan Award from International Dance Music Festival from Nepal.